About Your Therapist

I am a passionate therapist whose goal is to support others in unlearning the things that are not working for them, while allowing a safe and warm space to be heard.

I look forward to working with you.

Kathryn Ewers, MFT (she/her)

Owner & Therapist

Kathryn Ewers is an AAMFT supervised, pre-licensed marriage and family therapist in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who works with individuals, polycules, groups, couples, organizations, and families.

Supervisor Information: Dr. Christopher Wilson PhD, LMFT, CST, MeD, CHES MF000844 Pennsylvania

Kathryn had many homes growing up. Born in California, then moving to Florida, Arizona, England, back to Arizona, and finally Minnesota in the 6th grade; she graduated High School in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. She received her bachelors of science in psychology with a pre-health emphasis in 2016 from the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND). While pursuing her undergraduate degree Kathryn worked in an impatient psychiatric hospital for 3 years.

Once graduating, Kathryn worked as a certified direct support professional (2016) for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities at Development Homes Inc. Eventually she became a program specialist at REM North Dakota creating individual programs, training direct support staff, and managing a team (2017) for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Concurrently, Kathryn volunteered at Grand Forks Community Violence Intervention Center crisis line (2016) before facilitating male-offender groups using the Duluth Model for Batterers (2017) at the center.

In the Fall of 2017, Kathryn moved with her two cats (Lena & Averi) to West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to pursue her dream of becoming a sex therapist at Thomas Jefferson University. Kathryn graduated in Spring 2019 with a master’s of family therapy with a specialization in sex therapy. During her time at Jefferson, she held internships at The Council For Relationships doing individual and couples therapy, Eliza Shirley House facilitating women’s and children’s therapeutic groups, and House of Hope and Peace co-facilitating children’s therapeutic groups.

Why sex therapy?

Kathryn became interested in the field of human sexuality during her undergraduate career while taking a human sexuality course. She has personal experience with sexual trauma and mental health that stem back to her immediate family. Growing up in a system that did not support her or her families mental health and sexuality needs, Kathryn’s goal is to create a safe, warm, and comfortable space for individuals to feel heard in a world that oppresses those that need the most help. Kathryn uses this personal experience to support her clients and build strong therapeutic relationships that allow for healing and growth.

Want to work with Kathryn?

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